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Website(Internet) access control
This is a tool let you control your domain name, URL or website's access. You may want your website to have a different behavior depending on the different area ip, users without login in or prompting for user's information. You may want to exclude some particular user from viewing certain information(without their knowledge of exclusion), our program can help you. Our service let your website work more stable, efficient, security. You can let your content access your user, enjoy global networking like giant companies with a little cost.
1. Forward: When internet users enter your domain name or URL that you have provided in our program, it will be forwarded to the domain name or URL that you wish the user to visit. The domain name or URL in the user's browser will be display the new address. As a result, web browsers will be re-directed according to new location. Because the request is small, so it is fast. The internet users can not feel the difference. However, from web statistics point of view, you will not get specific individual page visiting report. Furthermore, before we do any forwarding, upon your request, we may do some detection to make sure your destinated host or URL is online, and we will load balance for you if your setup the same host or URL to be forwarded to multiple different destinations.
2. Proxy: This is a very secure way for your website, because the internet users will only see the first host you setup and the destination host is always keep hiden from the users. The user will only see ip address from the proxy servers. In this case, your website is hiden behind us. We face all possible malicious requests for you. Because the website is your public gateway, if you let your public information total differ from your real one, You will feel more security. If your website only have relative URL path (there are no any hosts(like http://) ), you can setup up your web server only talk to our servers. Nobody know where you are and what are your IP address, so this is the safe on your perspective. Click here(, You can try how our proxy works.
3. Hybrid: This is the mixture of proxy and forward. The internet users only see the first host you setup. Image file or other big resource files will be forwarded to your destination directory, that is the internet users will get the big resource files form your website directly except the html files. This have both advantage of speed and security. Click here(, to see how our hybrid works.
In any time, you can try your web sites, just add your website name before For example,
Unlike other forwarding, you can control it through our easy operating online tool. After any new setup or modification, It will take effect immediately. you not only can forward the whole host in different levels with the same domain, but also forward exact url with the same domain or host.
We have multiple proxy servers in the North Amarica, Asia, Europe regions. We can cache your website contents and just send a small request which likes http response 304 code to detect whether or not your contents modified. Our software knows where your users come from and sends them to closed servers. This feature is perfect to apply into those websites which have high volume requests in a particular time when network jams happened.

Website Access Statistics
We save all visiting information to our database and provide you many different layer visiting information queries. We provide pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and different varity of graphics that let you know where, what time, what kinds of users are visiting your website. We also provide the customize search for you, you can easily search any piece of visiting information and download the reports in format of Microsoft Excel. For example, you can query all search engines that visited your sites to know their visiting information, you also can query the users according to their ISP providers, and what default language they use. Please keep in mind, all mentioned above are in REAL TIME.
To see how our web statistics works, sign up an free account, try out. Or use our demo account.

New Concept of online publishing
With our tools, you can share the same path and source code with different purpose. For example, and use the exactly same html source, but the image you see is different and when click at it, it will be forwarded to different web sites. Besides, You will get two important information:
1) you know how many hits in this page with URL "/files/ads.png".
2) how many hits on the click of "ads.html".
Our services make your online marketing or production teams more close to their customers, and they can know the result of their effort and publish their new idea without bother system administrator.
You can schedule your online publishing in advance according to the region and the timezone of your web customers.

Online Advertising Tools
We have key words advertising tool as well. It help you publishing key word advertising without your any effort. Our special design program quickly scans your contents and places the best advertising targets for you.
For example, Click here to see how our program works. or try your site, just put after your site. e.g.
Our keyword advertising publishing program doesn't have any side effect to the contents. Furthermore, It supports the multiple language. Followings are the examples for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Some advertising link were added into the contents of the search results, please click next page, watch carefully till the keyword advertising link shows up.

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