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1. Online Advertising and Marketing:
Our easy online advertising and marketing tools let you schedule your online publishing in advance according to the region and the timezone of your web customers using the same html source code with limited computer knowledges, to maximize profitability for both web publishers and advertisers. For example, and use the exactly same html source, but the image you see is different and when click at it, it will be forwarded to different web sites. Besides, You will get two important information:
1) you know how many hits in this page with URL "/files/ads.png"
2) how many hits on the click of "ads.html".
Our Website Access Statistics let you know where, what time, what kinds of users(e.g. their ISP provider and default language), are visiting your website, to help you make decision.
Our services make your online marketing or production teams more close to their customers, and they can know the result of their effort and publish their new idea without bothering system administrator or webmaster.

We have key word advertising tools as well. It help you publishing key word advertising without your any effort. Our special design program quickly scans your contents and places the best advertising targets for you.
You can login into our demo account to setup your key words, It'll take effect immediately.
We also offer specific area (e.g. left, right, bottom, upon what you definded) advertising replacement for your contents after scaning you contents. We have another tool for the advertising publishers to help them to define how offen the key words appear, where advertising content should be and wkat it looks like, forbidden key words and so on.
You are welcomed to test our content adjustment. Click here to see how our program works. or try your site, just put after your site. For example,
Our keyword advertising publishing program doesn't have any side effect to the contents. Furthermore, It supports the multiple language. Followings are the examples for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Some advertising link were added into the contents of the search results, please click next page, watch carefully till the keyword advertising link shows up.

2. Domain Parking:
With our services, not only do domain owners know their domain's traffic information, but they can increase their domain's hits by publishing different contents according to different languages, regions and the timezones. Our proxy service let domain parking provider or PPC provider believe that its html source comes from original webserver without any forwarding.

3. Free Webhosting:
With our services, you can take a lot of advantages of free or lower price services. For exapmle, supposed you registerd a domain in yahoo with $2.99 a year, created your website using 100m free spaces and pagegenerator in google. In the domain admin of yahoo, you set up your domain CNAME to In our admin form, you set up your domain proxy to Now you have your domain and website with a little cost.

4. Website Failover Load Balance:
We have multiple proxy servers in the North Amarica, Asia, Europe regions. We can cache your website contents and just send a small request to detect whether or not your contents modified. Our software knows where your users come from and sends them to closed servers.

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